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Adoption Doula

As an adoptive mom, I understand exactly what you’re facing. All the questions. All the hurdles. And all the potential for joy.

After looking into various adoption options, my husband and I decided on private adoption. In New York State, this is working with a private lawyer and connecting directly with prospective adoption matches. After receiving state certification, we constructed a two-part digital media and traditional print campaign. Our birthmother reached out to us after finding us through a digital ad we placed and together, we agreed on an adoption plan. Eight months after starting our search, we had our happy, healthy newborn in our arms.

It wasn’t an easy process. Many times, I wished I’d had someone to turn to—someone with both the knowledge of what I was facing, and the skills to lead me to success.

I can be that person for you.

Adoption Engine - A helping hand during your adoption process
Adoption Engine - Your adoption journey starts here
Adoption Engine - Your adoption doula

I truly believe every child deserves to — and can — find a loving home.

I’m here to make that happen for you.

As Adoption Doula, I am here for you. Originally a Greek word meaning “woman who serves,” doula today refers to a professional who provides emotional and informational support to a birth mother before, during, and immediately after a child’s birth.

That’s my role in the adoption world.

I’m here for you throughout the entire adoption process, from state certification to the launch of your search; from social media outreach to connection with prospective birth parents to that first time you hold your child in your arms.

As The Adoption Doula, I don’t only provide emotional support; I’m the one who has done it before, who can answer questions, and help you navigate the process.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

As an Adoption Doula:

  • I recognize that the addition of a child to your family is a defining moment which cannot be surpassed
  • I provide emotional support, and an objective viewpoint, helping you get the information you need to make informed decisions
  • I understand the process of domestic adoption as well as and the emotional needs of people navigating the adoption process
  • I can support you in preparing for adoption requirements
  • I am here for you throughout the adoption journey


I Provide Support For Your Journey

Adoption Doula Consulting

Emotional and logistical support on an hourly basis:

  • Talk about concerns as you go through each step in the process
  • Provide guidance on how to manage the steps of each task
  • Provide research on adoption related information as requested
  • Provide social media content development and posting

End result = confidence in your decisions and comfort in moving forward.

Parent Profile Content Development

  • Provide Parent Profile questionnaire
  • Edit client developed copy and client provided photos
  • Provide design recommendations on how to create brochure, explain the processes of print and web profiles, provide handout for future reference
  • Provide steps for producing a printed brochure via handout
  • Provide steps for setting up a website including hosting options via handout
  • Provide design recommendations on how to ensure website is the best it can be

End result = solid copy for profile; resources for production of printed and web profile; and design feedback on client’s final products.

Commercial and/or Social profile set up

  • Set-up profile(s) on any/all: Adoption.com, Adoptimist, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Translate information from parent profile into digital profile format
  • Upload content, maximize profile fields, bringing you along in the process through the profile go-live
  • Provide social media content development and posting on request

End result = on-line presence for your adoption search.

  • It was a pleasure to work with AdoptionEngine. We received an immediate increase in website traffic as soon as our ads started to run.

    Laurie & Lawrence

  • Working with Jess was great. Everything went smoothly and we're really happy with how our profile turned out!

    Chris & Paula

  • Your advice was invaluable for the production of my profile book, and I know for a fact it's what made my daughter's birth mother choose me, within three months of going public with my profile.


  • We're really happy with our profile. Adoption Engine was really easy to work with. Thank you!

    Talia & Will

  • Since we began working with you we've gotten way more inquiries and more visibility than we did when we ran print ads. Our friends and family have complimented us on the Facebook page- it's been great working with Adoption Engine!

    Amy & Mike


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