It is a happy coincidence that National Adoption Month falls in November, the month of Thanksgiving.

In 1995 President Bill Clinton expanded National Adoption Week, which had started back in 1976 through Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis’  proclamation.

The actual proclamation by Clinton can be read here.

In our family, we always go around the table, talking about what we are thankful for. This should be a regular occurrence. Of course it’s not, but it should be. So, I’ll take what I can get and enjoy the annual family review. In a haze of starch and tryptophan we hit all the regulars — family, friends, health, a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs.

This year though, it feels different. more heartfelt, more serious. The impact and import of helping other families grow has really hit home, especially framed by the current geo-political climate of violence, fear and hate.

We are so blessed to be a family, and thankful to the birthfamily that made it possible.energyhealing1 As we teach our child to be aware of others and understand the importance of generosity, tolerance, understanding and empathy, we send all of our good thoughts to those less fortunate than us, suffering from losing their homes, their livelihood and family members.

We’re sending healing thanksgiving wishes out into the universe. Have a safe and lovely holiday.

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