Alright, I’ll admit. This post was meant to be published several weeks ago, but time does fly by! What happened in 2015? Here at Adoption Engine a lot has happened!

Excitingly, I became AdWords certified. This acknowledges skills in Google AdWords digital ad platform use. The certification is awarded by Google after passing several exams. adwordsQualified

I also delivered a well-received seminar over at the Adoptive Parents Committee Conference in Brooklyn, NY. I spoke about Digital Advertising in the adoption process. Sign up for the Adoption Engine Newsletter to receive the highlights from this talk over the next few months.

To boot, stay tuned in 2016 for some really interesting guest bloggers here at Adoption Engine. People who have been touched by adoption are lining up to share their experiences with you here on our blog. I hope you’ll gain some great perspective from their musings.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on adoption doings across the globe through Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow Adoption Engine on whichever channel is your fave. That’s all for now! AE-Connect


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