As told by our awesome intern, Grace!

I don’t remember exactly when or how my family landed on the idea of adoption. A few of our family friends had adopted children, my parents went to a few seminars, and all of a sudden, we were on a year long whirlwind that would change our family forever.

Looking at my family ten years ago, I bet we didn’t seem like a typical adoptive family. On the outside, we probably looked like a complete family –there were already four children. But I think we all felt there was something missing. When we got the first pictures of our baby sister, Sophia, that feeling immediately vanished. Eleven years later, I still can recall my excitement vividly as I shopped for baby clothes and got the “baby’s room” ready for Sophia’s arrival. I remember bringing Sophia home for the first time, when she took her first steps, and walking her to her first day of preschool.

I cannot imagine my life or my family without my littlest sister; I am so proud of all her accomplishments and cannot wait to see all the amazing things that are yet to come. She is an absolute joy to everyone she meets, and I am honored to be able to call Sophia my little sister.

And we are proud of all the help Grace has provided to Adoption Engine! Best of luck in the working world, Grace.
Grace Conway recently graduated from Boston College with a major in Management, focusing on Finance and Marketing.

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